Ran Trip, October 2015

Hello everyone,
The date is finally set for our bi-annual weekend trip to the RAN Marina on Sotra. The fun will take place from 16.10.15 – 18.10.15.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event; It is a weekend of sailing, fishing and socializing at the RAN Sailing Club on Sotra. We rented a cabin there where we get to hang out, have barbecue and beer, and get to know fellow members of BSI Sailing.. This is also a great opportunity for beginners to practice on some maneuvers out in the fjord.
Due to limited sleeping space on the cabin we will have to limit the the number of participants to around 40. So if you want to sign up, register in the registration form below. First come, first served! We will close the registration when we are full and have a waiting list. Remeber that the registration is only valid by signing up via the form. Simply pressing attend at the event page is not sufficient.



The registration form can be found here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?usp=drive_web&formkey=dGxuSG5PeWxRUkoxajFtU0NxVnpEemc6MA#gid=0

—How to get to and from RAN—
One can either sail with one of our Albin Expresses leaving Friday afternoon from our dock at Elsesro Marina, or take the bus. The sail time will take ca. two hours. If you want to sail to RAN, please contact the skipper concerned, shown in the “seilplanen”. Those who do not get a chance to sail to RAN will be prioritized on the way back if they wish.
The Bus 445 leaves from Bergen Bystajonen to Anglevik Snuplass. To find out when you should take the bus, take a look at skyss.no.
Ask the bus driver to let you off at the last bus stop Anglevik Snuplass, which is a 5 minute walk from the RAN Marina. Just walk towards the sea, turn right, walk over the parking lot and you’re there. The cabin is behind the main marina building on the small hill.

—How to pay the membership and the participation fee (400,-/250,-)—
The membership fee must of course be paid to participate, since the trip is only for members. Those of you, who are not yet members, please pay to account 3624.52.72930. Students pay 400,- for one semester, 600,- for a year. Non students pay 600,- for a semester, 900,- for a year.
The trip costs 400,- for the entire weekend, 200,- for one night. This includes dinner, accommodation and sailing. Payment is done to this account: 3624.52.72930
Remember to write your name and what you are paying for on the payment!
For people with international bank accounts:
The SWIFT code for Sparebanken Vest is SPAVNOBB
IBAN number: NO91 3624 52 72930

If you want to pay in cash you can do this at the trip itself!

—What to bring in addition to ordinary clothing?—
• Waterproof clothing and rubber boots,
• Warm underwear
• Gloves, hat and scarf
• Warm sweater
• Sleeping bag and a mat/inflatable mattress if you have (some beds, but not for all)
• Fishing pole if you have one
• Food for breakfast and lunch Saturday and breakfast, lunch and eventual early supper on sunday (we will have some lunch available, but bring food yourself too.)
• Alcoholic or other beverages (enough for the weekend !!!)
• Your preferred music
• Games

Dinner will be served on Friday and Saturday. Some food for lunch on saturday will be served. Bring food for breakfast and supper and whatever drinks you would prefer ( make sure to bring enough beer/ beverages for the whole weekend)

Please let those who prefer not to party but instead go to bed early to be fit for sailing the next day have beds in the attic. One can also go comfortably to sleep in one of the boats.
How to have a nice trip? Participate! Don’t be afraid to join in the games or to talk to others, sailors tend to be very nice people. Take initiative!

We are all looking forward to seeing you! :)

BSI Sailing

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LiveWire-turneringen i Hønefoss 26. og 27. september.

Sesongens første turnering starter i Hønefoss 26. og 27. september. Det er fortsatt mulig å melde seg på.

LiveWire er en hatt-turnering. Det betyr at vi ikke drar som et lag, men alle drar som individuelle spillere. Under påmeldingen så angir alle spillerne hvor gode/erfarne de er, og turneringslederen deler opp spillerne i like sterke lag. Det gjør at turneringen passer veldig godt for nye spillere, og jeg anbefaler alle rekrutter til å dra hvis dere kan.

Merk at i år så er ikke overnatting inkludert, så dette må alle ordne selv. Kontakt Ade Oleson på Facebook for mer informasjon.

Håper vi sees der!


Opptakstreningar/Try-outs 2015/2016

BSI Volleyball vil med stor glede invitere til opptakstreningar for sesongen 15/16. Klubben har fleire lag som har nivå til alle som har spelt eller ynskjer å starte med volleyball.

Datoar for uttakstrening blir fylgjande:

Herrer: Mandag 31.08.15 kl. 19.00-20.30 i Haukelandshallen og torsdag 03.09.15 kl. 20.00-22.00 i Lehmkuhlhallen.

Damer: Mandag 31.08.15 kl. 20.30 i Lehmkuhlhallen og onsdag 02.09.15 kl. 19.00-20.30 i Lehmkuhlhallen.

Adresse til Haukelandshallen er St. Olavs vei 50, 5052 Bergen og adresse til Lehmkuhlhallen er Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen.

Berre å spørje dersom du har nokon spørsmål
Velkommen 🙂

BSI Volleyball are happy to invite to Try-outs for the season 15/16. The Club has multible teams on different levels for everybody that has played or want to start playing volleyball.

The try-outs will be held at following dates:

Men`s team: Monday 31.08.15, 19.00-20.30 in Haukelandshallen and Thursday 03.09.15, 20.00-22.00 in Lehmkuhlhallen.

Ladies` team: Monday 31.08.15, 20.30-22.00 in Lehmkuhlhallen and wednesday 02.09.15, 19.00-20.30 in Lehmkuhlhallen.

The adress to Haukelandshallen is St. Olavs vei 50, 5052 Bergen and adress to Lehmkuhlhallen is Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen.

Just ask if you have any questions.
Welcome 🙂

Treningstider frå veke 37/ Scheduled training from week 37

Treningstider BSI Volleyball
Dag Hall Bane Tidspunkt Lag
Mandag: Haukeland 1 17.30-19.00 H3
Haukeland 1 19.00-20.30 H1
Haukeland 2 19.00-20.30 H2
Haukeland 3 19.00-20.30 D1
Lehmkuhl 1 20.30-22.00 D3
Lehmkuhl 2 20.30-22.00 D4
Tysdag: Haukeland 1 21.00-22.30 H1
Haukeland 3 21.00-22.30 D2
Amalie Skram 2 20.00-21.30 D1
Amalie Skram 3 20.00-21.30 D4
Lehmkuhl 1 19.00-20.30 H2
Lehmkuhl 2 19.00-20.30 H3
Haukeland 2 21.00-22.30 D3
Haukeland 1 21.00-22.30 H2
Lehmkuhl 1 20.00-22.00 D1
Lehmkuhl 2 20.00-22.00 H1
Lehmkuhl 3 20.00-22.00 D2


Nybegynnerkurs 2015 høst (norsk)

Vi ønsker velkommen til nybegynnerkurs for BSI Seiling høst 2015!

Kurset er todelt, med en praktisk og en teoretisk del.
Det begynner med to timer teoretisk undervisning, hvor man lærer litt om navigering på sjøen, teorien bak seiling og hva man gjør i praksis. Kurset er ledet av vår veldig erfarne seiler Geir Olav Løken.
Ved slutten av kurset vil det bli anledning for å melde seg opp til to nybegynnerseilinger som finner sted ila. de følgende to ukene. Tidspunkt for disse seilingene er etter førstemann-til-møllen prinsippet.

Håper å se dere der!

Sted: Ulrikke Pihls Hus
Tid: 18:00
Dato: 08.09.15

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Beginner’s Course 2015 Autumn (English)

We’d like to wish you welcome to our Beginner’s Course for the 2015 Autumn semester!

The course consists of two parts, a practical and a theoretical one.
The theoretical part comes first and consists of practical information regarding how to sail, knots, safety and the theory behind sailing.
At the end of the class there will be an opportunity to sign up for the theoretical part of the course. It consists of two sessions called beginner’s sailings. You are free to choose two dates and times in the following two weeks, when you want to sail. Availability is at a first-come-first-served basis.
Hope to see you all there! :)

Place: Ulrikke Pihls Hus
Time: 20:00
Date: 08.09.15

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