Bergen Studentidrettslag

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Groups / Sports

BSI (Bergen student sports) comprises 28 groups with over 2500 members. Everyone can become a member, regardless of place of study. Which sport is your passion?

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is the organisation's highest authority. Members of the Executive Board are recruited from the representatives of different sports. The Board is primarily focused on running the organisation as a whole, which includes working to strengthen the partnership between the subgroups and finding creative solutions across different sports.

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Svein Gunnar Bolstad

Vice director

Katrine Thoug Heiskel


Steinar Timenes


Kristoffer Govertsen Brent


Lauritz André Bjørnereim


Florian S. Müller


Elise Myhren Stordal


Anna Vlasova

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Our Partners

In order to succeed in student sports it is important to be able to cooperate with other parts of the student world. BSI receives a significant amount of funding from Velferdstinget. A number of our subgroups makes use of the premises affiliated with the Student Welfare Organisation Sammen. We promote the organisation at StudentBergen.

Thanks to these organisations our student sports in Bergen became what it is today.