Welcome to BSI Karate

BSI Karate practices a style of karate (Matsubayashi-ryu) the way it was originally taught and still is taught on Okinawa to this day. The club had in over 10 years direct contact with Soke Nagamine Takayoshi (10. dan), who is the son of the style’s founder Grandmaster Nagamine Shoshin. Soke’s most recent visit to the club was in May 2008. Sadly he died in april 2012, just before he was supposed to visit Bergen again. Now Yoshitaka Taira, Hanshi, 10th Dan, has taken over as the leading instructor of our style. We have direct contact and train with Taira Sensei, as well as other 8-10th dan Senseis on Okinawa.

Chief instructor in BSI Karate is Sensei Ole-Bjørn Tuftedal (6. dan). He is the head of Matsubayashi-ryu in Europe and also the highest graded instructor in Europe. Mr. Ole-Bjørn visits Okinawa each year and is trained by the masters there, including Taira Sensei.

Training Spring 2016

From the 4th of January the schedule is as shown below.  The trainings are at the Student center i Bergen, street address Parkveien 1 (see map).  In Studentsenteret, the trainings are held in hall #3 on Tuesdays, and in hall #4 on thursdays and fridays.   Hall #4 is the rightmost one from the entrance.

The first training for beginners is on 12th of January. But we welcome new members any time during the semester! Just meet barefoot in comfy training outfit. You do not have to buy a karate suit («gi») the first semester. Note that if you don’t have a SiB training card, you have to pay an entry fee to SiB to the training hall.

Tuesday 19:00-20:30  hall #3   Studentsenteret
Thursday 16:30-18:00  hall #4  Studentsenteret

Tuesday 19:00-21:00  hall #3 Studentsenteret
Thursday 16:30-18:00  hall #4  Studentsenteret
Friday 17:00-19:00  hall #4  Studentsenteret
(Monday 21:00-22:30   hall #4  Studentsenteret: self study)

We are on Facebook! Add the group «BSI Karate» and receive info on training, parties and other social events.

You may train for free the first two weeks, before you decide wether to join us. Note that you must either buy membership in SiB, or pay a drop-in charge, to be allowed entry to the training hall, see their webpages. You must pay drop-in-charge to SiB during the first weeks also, as BSI and SiB are entirely different organisations.

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